Boarding Services and Fees for Horses

La Jolla Equestrian Center,  also known as La Jolla Equestrian Academy in the lovely East Bay Danville area, offers the best in quality care for your  horse.  With beautiful well-maintained grounds, excellent footing in 3 great arenas, consistent hay from a long-term supplier, a caring on-site ranch crew, extra large turn outs, excellent and experienced trainers and many more amenities, your horse will be a happy equine friend.  Come join us!!

Boarding Fees – Effective March 1, 2021:

Standard Box Stall – Main Barn (12 x 12)  – $825.00 per month
Extra Large Box Stall – Main Barn (12 x 24) – $875.00 per month
Main Barn Stall Paddock (12 x 24) –  $925.00 per month
Large Mare Motel (Double Box size 12 x 24)- $895.00 per month
Mare Motel Stall Paddock (12 x 24 covered with outdoor 12 X 12 paddock attached)- $962.50 per month

Outdoor Covered Stalls with Paddock (12 x 12 covered with large outdoor 30 X 50 paddock attached) –     $995.00 per month

Board Fees Include:

1.  Up to 4 flakes of hay per day.  2 of the 4 can be grass hay. (Each additional grass hay flake offered at an additional $ 70.00 per mth cost).  Hay offerings are grass and alfalfa. Hay is served in the morning, lunch and late afternoon.   For an extra modest fee of $20.00 per month, your horse can also have an 8 pm feeding of hay  (Still using the 4 flake guide).  Stalls are cleaned two times per day 7  days per week.  Shavings are included.  Picture of standard bedding depth can be provided by on-site manager for reference of what is included.  Automatic water bins are cleaned each week.

2. Use of all arenas:  One large covered arena and 2 large outdoor arenas –one used for jumping & flat work and one used for dressage.   Two arenas are fenced and one has a dressage court set up.  

3.  Three wash racks, kitchen, ample on-site parking and a gated property.  Multiple cross ties are located around the facility.   Closets or cubicles for your tack are available or space inside a trainer joint tack room.   Three grain rooms are available for your needs.

4. Round Pens: Two covered round pens are available for your lunging or lunge lesson needs.

5. Turn Outs: 7 Large turn out areas are available for your use in addition to 2 half-size turn outs suitable for rehabilitation of an injured horse.

6. On-Site Manager and Ranch Crew:   The on-site manager and ranch crew reside at LJ.  They provide top service and are responsive to your needs.   On-site feeding of hay,  cleaning of stalls for your horse,  as well as grooming of arenas and overall maintenance are just some of the services you will enjoy.

Other Available Services:

1.  Extra hay, exceeding 4 flakes per day, is available for an extra  cost  and grass hay over two per day is offered at an extra cost.

2. Nightly extra late feeding of hay (8 p.m.) for a cost of $20.00 per month per horse.

3.  Blanketing services are offered for $60.00 per month or $ 30.00 per month for a.m. only. (5 p.m. blanket on-time) OR for $ 70.00 per month  for blankets put on at a later time of 7 p.m.  (35.00 for 1/2 of a.m. or p.m. only)

4.  Horse-trailer parking available for an extra charge of $ 77.00 per month for 2 horse,   $110.00 per month for 3 horse or  $125.00 per month for large trailers of a capacity of 4 horses or more.

5. Trainers and Clinics: LJ offers top trainers in two English riding disciplines.  Each trainer offers their own individual training services and fees.  Top clinicians also visit LJ on occasion and charge their own fees for their services.  Events tab will provide this information.



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