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La Jolla  offers six top trainers to fit your needs. If you are interested in boarding at La Jolla and also need training or help with your horse, please give one of them a call depending upon the riding discipline you prefer. Each trainer has their own business and pricing information. La Jolla trainers offer training in two English riding disciplines, Dressage and Hunter Jumper.  Their websites and contact information are linked below.

Give them a call today so they can begin helping you reach your riding goals!  If you are interested in boarding only, please Contact Us

Hunter Jumper

1.  Allan, Jessica   and
2.  Peterson, Danielle

Tally Hawk Stables – Full Service Hunter/Jumper Training

Website Link: tallyhawkstables.com

Contact:  jessica@tallyhawkstables.com or danielle@tallyhawkstables.com 

Phone: 925-858-9673 (Jessica) or 925-980-9037 (Danielle)

3. Cassandra MacIntyre – Hunter Jumper Training

Cassandra brings the unique perspective of multiple disciplines to the hunter jumper arena. Through her years of experience doing everything from driving and natural horsemanship to dressage, she puts together the basic principles of horsemanship that allow both horse and rider to better understand each other and make consistent progress towards their goals. She simplifies the interactions you have with your horse by focusing on specific skills sets one at a time, setting up both horse and rider for success from the start.

Phone: (603) 313 0117


StevenLJECWEBPIC20134.  Stratton, Steven
Steven Stratton – Dressage & Eventing
Email: steven@strattondressage.com
Website Link: http://www.strattondressage.com
(510) 368-0614


5. Chrystal Wirch – La Jolla Riding Academy Instructor
horsegirl24-7@comcast.net         925 788 1765

(See also Riding Academy Tab on this Website)

6. Lindsey Honeyman – La Jolla Riding Academy Instructor
      Email:    honeybeehorsemanship@gmail.com
        925 788 3487
Facebook Page:  https://facebook.com/HoneybeeHorsemanship/


(See also Riding Academy Tab on this Website)









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